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Services we offer

Your lawn is what creates the initial curb appeal. If you want a plush lawn, we offer a full variety of lawn and landscape services. Unlike most companies we will not try to sell you things you don’t need or want.  We work with you to help you select only the services which are necessary and will benefit you and your lawn the most. We will not only provide professional and personalized lawn services but can also provide many services that help keep your lawn looking great! We work with all budgets. No job is too big or too small.  

Weekly Mowing Service
Services can be scheduled on a weekly, biweekly or even monthly schedule. We mow our customers on the same day every week so our customers know when we are coming. We use proper mowing height, sharp blades and we understand the benefit of leaving the clippings to provide important nutrients for your lawn. Standard mowing includes: mowing, trimming and blowing the clippings from walkways and drives.

Sod Installation
Sod install can be done for a new construction home, or if you have a tremendous amount of weeds or undesirable types of grasses in the lawn.  Sod Installation can be done through out the spring and summer months and into the fall season and provides "same day lawn". We use the best sod, grown locally and it can be applied to small or large areas. If you are looking for a fresh start on your lawn or if you just built a new home and are starting fresh, consider sod to give your home immediate curb appeal.  

Hydro Seeding
Hydro seeding is a fast, cost effective way to have a new lawn that will turn your neighbors green with envy. Hydro seeding costs only a little more than old fashioned methods using dry seeding techniques but is much more efficient. The cost to have your new lawn hydro seeded is less than 1/4 the cost of using sod, and in a few weeks you will have a better appearing lawn with no need to worry if the sod will take. Your new lawn will be sprayed on with a protective mulch covering that has an attractive green appearance.  A special blend of seeds will be used that will be chosen for the conditions and requirements for your yard.

Core Aeration
Aeration helps reduce thatch and creates small holes in the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate down to the grass roots. This will then help the roots grow deeply thus producing a stronger, greener, thicker, healthier and more vigorous lawn. Core aeration will alleviate compacted soil.  When aerating the lawn it’s also a good time to over-seed to help thicken the lawn.


Thatch is simply the layer of dead grass, roots, and debris that accumulates between the soil surface and the green grass blades above. It is important to dethatch at least once a year or when the thatch becomes more than 1/2 inch thick. Dethatching is one of the most important but overlooked things you can do for a healthy lawn.

Fall Clean up
It is important to remove the leaves in the fall to keep from creating dead spots in the lawn. Mulching a few leaves is good for the soil but if you mulch too many, you could cause problems later on. We use ground blowers and back pack blowers to clean the lawn of all leaves, sticks and debris from your yard and landscape beds.

Vacuum Service

We offer curbside vacuum service for the "do it yourselfer" Rake your leaves to the curb and call us to pick them up. No need to bother with those pesky bags that rip and are a pain to fill, we can vacuum them up and haul them away.

Spring Clean up

After the snow is gone we clean your yard of any debris that has come down or blown in during the snowy season. We will clean all the sticks and leaves as well as snow mold which can damage your lawn. Spring is a great time to install fresh mulch and seed. If you are looking for a spring spruce up, give us a call!

Irrigation Services

​In order to keep your lawn and landscape beautiful, your lawn needs water. There is no easier way than with a professionally installed irrigation system. It’s the most convenient way to get water throughout your yard and landscape beds.

An in-ground sprinkler system allows you to relax while the programmable controller automatically turns the water on and off for you. It’s also a great way to increase the value of your home, save water and enjoy more free time. No more worrying about dead grass or flowers!

If you already have an underground sprinkler system, we also offer the complete package for any maintenance and repairs you may need throughout the seasons.
We service and sell every make and brand of sprinklers.

In addition, we offer spring start up and fall winterization services, which will include a full inspection of your irrigation system. We offer free estimates and competitive rates!

Snow plow Services

We service both Commercial and Residential properties from Grand Haven to Whitehall. Snow is cleared off parking areas, walkways, etc. automatically after any snowfall of 2” or more. We also offer services to be performed per your request for any snowfall less than the 2” threshold. Salt can be applied to these surfaces if desired to keep them free of ice at an additional charge. Additional rates may apply to any snowfall of 6” or more.

Hand weeding

Hand weeding can be tedious and hard on the back. Your time is valuable and we offer hourly rate or per job rates. We can also treat for weeds with spray or granules to keep them at bay.

Pruning & Tree Trimming

Bushes, shrubs and perennials should be trimmed back as necessary in order to remove excess growth to maintain a neat appearance. All clippings will be cleaned up and hauled away from your property. This service is performed by request.

Mulching Landscape Beds

Premium hardwood, cedar mulch, natural hardwood and dyed barks can be delivered and spread throughout landscaping to enhance appearance and suppress weed growth. Call us, we will bring samples to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Patios, Pavers, Stone and Retaining Walls

​We can install a new patio, fire pit or retaining wall for you. Are you looking for some gravel for your parking pad or driveway? We can deliver and install that for you too. From pea gravel to dolomite to river rock and boulders, we work with it all. Add some curb appeal by installing low maintenance rock in your landscape beds.

Gutter Cleaning

Debris and leaves are removed from gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage during rainy season. This is especially important before winter so that standing water does not freeze in gutters and cause damage to your homes roof or exterior.

Pressure Washing

Siding, walk ways, driveways and decks can be cleaned of mildew, dirt, oil and buildup to restore natural beauty

Fertilization 4 Step Plan with Additional Weed control 2 step plan

Blanket Weed Control Application (late Spring and/or early Fall, depending on conditions)
The new application is for broadleaf weed control and can be applied in liquid form.  Based on our experience, liquid form is the most effective way to control broadleaf weeds.  Post-emergence is the main way for control.  Please note that it could take some time for established weeds to die. 

Step 1: Apply April 1st - 30th
20-0-8 50% slow release, 50% Sulfated Potash, and 20% Organic by weight with 0.37 Prodiarnine for crabgrass control. After application, water into soil with the equivalent of 1/3 to 1/2 inch of rain.

Step 2: Apply May 10th - June 15th
25-0-8 35% slow release with .72 Trimec for broadleaf weed control. This should be applied when the grass is damp from rain or dew. Do not water or mow for 24 to 48 hours after application.

Step 3: Apply June 15th - August 1st
25-0-15 High nitrogen with 40% 45 DAY slow release and 10% 90 day slow release. 5% iron. Apply when grass is dry; water after application for best results.

Step 4: Apply August 30th - October 30th
18-O-28 35%o slow release nitrogen. 50% sulfated potash for easier plant uptake because it contains no salt. Watering may be necessary if conditions are dry.